I am a Farmer, Cattleman, Gamekeeper, Birdwatcher, Habitat Manager, Countryman and Wildlife Photographer.

Our family farm is in the Cotswold Hills and the emphasis has changed from managing production to managing habitats for wildlife in a farmed environment.

There are now 100 hectares of wildflower meadows grazed extensively by our Organic Pedigree herd of HEREFORD cows and calves. The herd lives outside all year round and only hay from the wildflower meadows is fed to them as additional feed. Mature cattle are sold as Organic Dry-Aged Beef in Boxes. The taste and flavour is just wonderful - as beef used to taste and as beef SHOULD taste. See WWW.COTSWOLDBEEF.COM

An orchard was established in 2007 with the aim of creating low density woodland full of insects. We had our first fruit harvest in 2011 and the resultant Orchard Juice of over 30 varieties of apples and pears tastes beautifully refreshing and complex.

The arable ground has habitats suitable for bird nesting, summer food (insects) and winter food (seeds) and much more. Bird numbers are encouraging. The Grey Partridge has been successfully re-introduced, corn Buntings now breed here every summer and there are extensive habitats for Lapwing to breed.

The farm has won Awards from RSPB, FWAG, GWCT & Glos Wildlife Trust.

Sharing the wildlife with others is another objective. Use of the extensive footpath network which crosses every grass field is encouraged. Farm tours are frequently done for schools, special interest groups and our Bed & Breakfast guests. See WWW.WHITTINGTONLODGEFARM.COM